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Our Mentor Partnership

Leverages the Capabilites of Big Business
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Mentor Protégé Program

Some small businesses just don’t have the leverage needed to work on large projects – not V-Line. As a participant in the Small Business Administration’s Mentor Protégé Program, our mentor relationship allows us to have all the leverage we need to handle your projects.

Benefits of Mentor Protege Program

  • Bonded up to $100 million aggregate
  • Bonded up to $20 million per occurrence
  • Significant Financial Stability Few Small Businesses Have

How This Benefits You

With the program, our mentor partner gives V-Line access to significant financial stability that ensures we’ll be here to finish your project. Plus, we’re bonded up to $100 million – something most small businesses could never provide. Our mentor relationship also gives us access to resources – manpower, equipment, expertise, and more – that other small businesses don’t have access to.

In other words, V-Line has everything you need in a small business. We can build your world like no other small business.

SBA Mentor Protégé Program

What Is the SBA Mentor Protégé Program?


A Brief Description

If you’re not familiar with the program, here’s a brief description from the Small Business Adminstration:

The small business mentor-protege program is designed to enhance the capabilities of protege firms by requiring approved mentors to provide business development assistance to protege firms and to improve the protege firms’ ability to successfully compete for federal contracts.  This assistance may include technical and/or management assistance; financial assistance in the form of equity investments and/or loans; subcontracts (either from the mentor to the protege or from the protege to the mentor); trade education; and/or assistance in performing prime contracts with the Government through joint venture arrangements.  Mentors are encouraged to provide assistance relating to the performance of contracts set aside or reserved for small business so that protege firms may more fully develop their capabilities.

Just like the longstanding and popular 8(a) mentor-protege program, the new small business mentor-protege program creates a framework under which mentor firms will provide a wide variety of potential benefits to their proteges.

The mentor-protege program should be a boost to a small business’s development that enables the small business to independently perform larger and more complex contracts in the future.  It should not be a crutch that prevents small businesses from seeking and performing those larger and more complex contracts on their own.

Our Work

Notable Projects

Government and Corporate Projects

  • Savannah River Site
  • Carmax projects
  • Amazon Warehouse projects
  • Carvana projects

Military and VA Projects

  • Loma Linda VA hospital CA
  • Vandenberg Air Force Base multiple projects
  • Seymour Johnson Air Force Base Feeder replacement

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