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Successful projects require successful managers

Project Management

V-Line is a project management company. It’s our specialty. Our experience is wide-ranging and we can successfully manage just about any construction-related project anywhere in the world. From utilities to foundations to completion, V-Line can oversee your entire project to make sure it’s done right.

Construction project management can be quite complex. It requires several responsibilities and skills to pull it off. In fact, the Construction Management Association of America says the average construction project manager has 120 responsibilities. V-Line’s project managers can handle them all.

V-Line’s ultimate goal is to deliver a successfully completed project on time and on budget. We want you to be completely delighted by the results – and we won’t quit until you are.

Our Project Managers:
  • Plan & Coordinate
  • Design
  • Budge & Track
  • Manage& Report
  • Handle continuous alterations

What to Expect

Construction project management involves directing, regulating, and supervising a project from early development to completion. It includes the planning, coordination, and management of various tasks of a project. V-Line’s project managers can handle a wide variety of projects, including military, government, VA, commercial, and international applications.

Our project managers are highly skilled communicators, with unparalleled people skills, knowledge of the building process, problem-solving abilities, technical proficiency, and organizational skills. It’s not just about wearing a hard hat and looking at architectural designs. Our project managers manage contractors, communicate with stakeholders, oversee the budget, and run the construction site.

The Difference

It’s not just about wearing a hard hat and looking at architectural designs.


Project Management Functions:

  • Project Management Planning – V-Line’s project managers will be involved in planning the entire project and documenting all the jobs and tasks that must be completed.
  • Cost Management – You want your project done on time and on budget. The project’s expenses must be properly managed throughout the process to make sure the project stays on budget. V-Line’s managers always work with the client to make account for adjustments, unexpected issues, or difficulties.
  • Time Management – V-Line’s project management includes keeping the project on track and anticipating delays, due to weather and other unforeseen factors. They will keep you updated on all project milestones, work progress, the impact of any work suspension, and any extension claims.
  • Quality Management – You don’t just want the job done on time and on budget. You also want it done right! Our project managers are skilled at ensure all contractor work meets quality standards.
  • Contract Administration – V-Line wants all parties involved protected from beginning to end. Extensive contracts with the client and other parties requires extensive knowledge of all their roles and responsibilities. Our managers will ensure contract provisions are met for legal and financial purposes.
  • Safety Management – Safety is priority #1 at V-Line. We take all necessary precautions to ensure all workers are safe. Construction sites have many hazards that can result in property damage, or worse, injury to workers. V-Line’s project managers work with the building manager to ensure safety and environmental regulations are properly followed.
  • CM Professional Practice – CM professional practice is a top priority for V-Line’s project managers. It includes defining the structure of the project management team, implementing project controls, defining roles and responsibilities, developing communication protocols, and identifying elements of project design and construction that may cause disputes or claims.

You can expect top-quality management of your construction project from beginning to end. Let us show you how we make that happen.

Our Work

Notable Projects

Government and Corporate Projects

  • Savannah River Site
  • Carmax projects
  • Amazon Warehouse projects
  • Carvana projects

Military and VA Projects

  • Loma Linda VA hospital CA
  • Vandenberg Air Force Base multiple projects
  • Seymour Johnson Air Force Base Feeder replacement

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