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Our ability to service your project anywhere in the world — even in the roughest terrain — gives you the ability to move your organization ahead. Our expertise in all areas of construction means you have one company to manage and only one contract. We’re a small business with big business know-how, financial stability, and the resources to handle any project.

Department of the Army

  • Office: W2SD ENDIST New England
  • Contract No: W912WJ13M0194

V-Line installed the electrical cables across the Bourne Bridge, over the Cape Cod Canal

Vandenberg Air Force Base

  • Prime Contractor: GLR Construction, Inc.
  • Contract No. FA4610-14-C-0019

V-Line installed new electrical lines for N5/N9/N10

Southwestern Power Admin.

  • Job: Line 3010 Bypass Transmission
  • Contract #: 895036-18C-SW000005

Approved Contractor Department of Energy

Vandenberg Air Force Base

  • Prime Contractor: JG Construction
  • Job:  B10 Line new install
  • Responsibilities:  New service line B10 Including 80 new poles

Loma Linda VA Hospital

  • Prime Contract
  • Job: Replace A3 and B3 feeders

Replace underground feeders throughout the entire facility

Savannah River Site

  • Prime Contractor: Central Minority Maintenance LLC
  • Job: New multi-function building Utility power and interior electrical scope.

New overhead transmission lines from existing to new building.  Interior electrical including service, lights and power. 

Overseas Arena

  • Joint Venture agreement for work in Southwest Asia arena
  • Jobs:  Generator Maintenance, Embassy electrical upgrades

This work includes work in Iraq, Afghanistan, Jordon, Lebanon and Syria


(V-Line) … made a tremendous effort to schedule their projects, communicate their needs to our scheduling group and then maintain their critical milestones.


Chief, Mission Engineering Element, At Vandenberg Air Force Base

Our experience with V-Line has been rewarding for both parties as well as important to put our best foot forward to our customers, the Government. V-Line exhibits a “can-do” attitude that expresses to our customers the image that we want to portray….

Barbara A. Ramirez

President, GLR Construction, Inc.


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