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GLR Construction, Inc.

We are a General Contractor that is engaged in Federal Contracting for the U.S. Government. These projects are fast paced, environmentally sensitive and technically challenging and have demanding scheduling restraints. It is important to have sub-contractors that can meet and exceed our challenges for this demanding atmosphere in which we operate.

“We highly recommend V-Line for these types of projects. Our experience with V-Line has been rewarding for both parties as well as important to put our best foot forward to our customers, the Government. V-Line exhibits a “can-do” attitude that expresses to our customers the image that we want to portray….

“V-Line has just completed a $1.9 million contract (N Feeder – Vandenberg Air Force Base – CA). This was a high-voltage project with special needs for scheduling with the Air Force to coordinate with space launches as well as critical high-voltage needs. V-Line completed the project before schedule and under budget. One of these critical points was the underground utilities that could not be identified by the base civil engineers. V-Line took it upon themselves to utilize ‘trenchless excavation’ so as not to destroy underground utilities that could not be identified. This approach led to a ‘zero’ interruption for critical existing underground utilities producing a very successful project.

“V-Line is now involved in a $3.5 million contract with us (K1-Feeder High Voltage – Vandenberg AFB – CA) that is 75% complete as of the date of this letter. V-Line is utilizing the same “can-do” spirit on this project as they have on the above-mentioned project. We have several more projects such as these on the horizon and fully intend to team with V-Line on these upcoming opportunities. Should you have any further questions or comments regarding their capabilities, please feel free to contact me at (805) 345-8200.


Barbara A. Ramirez. President

GLR Construction, Inc.

2370 Skyway Dr., Suite #104

Santa Maria, CA 93455

License #891245

Vandenberg Air Force Base

“Please accept this endorsement for V-Line. At Vandenberg Air Force Base, my section manages a busy schedule of maintenance, repair, and high-voltage configuration switching for space and missile launch campaigns, on a 300-mile transmission and distribution grid, with nine substations. In the past 12 months, V-Line has been working on several high voltage projects at Vandenberg AFB, and they have performed well.

“Most recently, as a subcontractor, V-Line completed a critical $1.9M project (Contract #FA4610-14-C-0019) to replace three distribution circuits to our largest launch pad on base, totaling more than 5 miles of new utility poles with ten connected loads. Currently, they are working as a subcontractor on a $3.6M (FA4610-14-C-0018) project to build 6 miles of new distribution circuitry, also critical to our mission….

“Contractors working on Vandenberg’s electrical grid require substantial planning, flexibility, and participation in a weekly working group to deconflict the many activities that are competing for down-time on our circuits and transmission loops, because all of this activity must be done with zero impact to our launch mission.

“V-Line’s project managers, Mr. Carl Parks and Mr. Jim Smith are exceptional. For both of the projects cited above, these gentlemen have made a tremendous effort to schedule their projects, communicate their needs to our scheduling group and then maintain their critical milestones. As an example, their work on a current project required several dozen poles to be placed by helicopter due to the treacherous terrain over which this circuit travels.

“These project managers had to schedule outages, generator installations, airspace clearance, and, also, clearance from Western Range assets that transmit radiation energy, necessitating very complex coordination with multiple agencies on base. This phase of the work was completed on schedule and with no violations of any agreements that were made in relation to the work, and that is a testament to their sound planning efforts. For these reasons, I would endorse V-Line in any similar contract to work on high voltage distribution circuitry. I can be reached at dennis.pakulski.1@us.af.mil or DSN 276-3809 for questions.”

Chief, Mission Engineering Element

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